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Care of Wood Rings


The wood in a GETi Titanium and hardwood ring is protected from side impact to a certain degree by the tough edges of the Titanium and protected by a clear laquer to resist water splashes. Submerging the ring in water for long periods of time, for example swimming or bathing, is not recommended and regular use of protective wax can help further protect your ring by resealing it in the event of a scratch or a knock.


Wood inlays are by no means as durable as a metal ring but with care can last a lifetime. In the event that your wood inlay does become seriously damaged by being struck or rough treatment, soaked in water or exposure to harsh chemicals, don't despair! GETi can replace your inlay for you for a fraction of the cost of a new ring. Maintaining the finish regularly is integral to keeping the ring in good condition and preserving the wood.


GETi wood inlay rings can withstand the occasional shower or hand wash, as long as water does not penetrate the inlay.


GETi recommend Rennaissance Wax for regular maintenance of the wood inlay.

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